Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stunning Flowers Are Actually Paint Splashes Photographed at the Right Time

I love splash photography, but this is the first time I’ve seen an artist using this technique to create unique flowers, some with their own liquid flower pots. The patient man behind this amazing art is Jack Long, a talented photographer who spends months planning and experimenting to create these stunning pieces.

Armed with superhuman patience, a high-speed camera and lots of paint, Jack Long set out to create a series of beautiful images called ‘Vessels and Blooms’ in which he tried to create liquid flowers out of colored paint droplets captured in mid-air. The skilled photographer spent several months planning and testing different techniques in order to achieve the best results possible, and judging by his photos, I’d say his work paid off in the end.

The clever artist uses water mixed with dyes, pigments and thickeners and as this cocktail is suspended in the air for just a split second, he takes high-speed photos hoping to capture the right moment. Jack won’t reveal the exact technique used to create his paint flowers, though. “This series was a culmination of months of planning and testing. Hundreds of captures are made in testing and then many more during the actual final capture stage. A very few stand out as being the best,” the artist from Wisconsin said about his latest series.

You’re probably looking at these gorgeous liquid flowers and thinking ‘wow, these are so Photoshopped’, and I don’t blame you, but Jack Long says he uses the popular software just to clean up his photos and enhance them with basic tools. ’All of my images are created in one single capture. One picture. I do not make composites from multiple images, unless otherwise noted. All of my fluid flowers are as captured,” says the American photographer. He adds that the thing he likes most about his art is that it’s different from other splash photography.

For more mind-blowing liquid flowers and other examples of brilliant splash photography, check out Jack Long’s Flickr profile and 500px page. You won’t regret it!

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