Monday, June 11, 2012

Fashion shoot replaces camera with a scanner

a recent fashion series by photographer henry hargreaves is shot entirely on a scanner
fashion credits: bra by stella mccartney; necklace and earrings by pamela love

for his recent fashion series, brooklyn-based photographer henry hargreaves replaced his camera with a scanner, capturing ghostly images from the device's bed.

the shoot required about 150 scans before reaching its finished stage. for each, model talita of RED needed to bend over onto the scanner-- the units stalled when held upright-- and remain still for 20-30 seconds. hargreaves notes that the biggest difficulty was the inability to see the image that was being scanned; as a result, the working process mixed elements of chance with careful posing in order to have the elements fall as desired.

the series showcases jewelry by pamela love, lizzie fortunato, we are here, asos, dannijo, stella mccartney, and me&ro; details below each photo.

photographer: henry hargreaves
model: talita, RED
makeup: jenny smith, nars cosmetics
hair: joseph dimaggio
stylist: haley loewenthal

left: lizzie fortunato - pearl necklace; pamela love - wood and goldplated necklace
right: pamela love - triangle necklace, double ring, cuff, silver and bronze large spike ring; we are here - open ring, brass ring; dannijo - silver spike ring; asos - circular band rings, spike cuff earring; amethyst and crystal necklaces stylist's own

left: we are here - earring and rings; pamela love - necklaces
right: asos - circular band rings; pamela love - middle finger ring; me&ro - necklace (worn as bracelet); lizzie fortunato - necklace

left: stella mccartney - bra; pamela love - necklaces, earrings
right: T by alexander wang - dress; asos - ear cuffs, circular band rings; pamela love - middle finger ring, necklace (worn as bracelet); lizzie fortunato - necklace; me&ro - necklace (worn as bracelet)

left: we are here - left and right -hand rings; lizzie fortunato - cuff, necklace; pamela love - necklace; stylist's own sharktooth necklace
right: stella mccartney - bra; pamela love - necklace, earrings

dannijo - layered small spike rings, multi-coloured knuckle rings, necklace; we are here - stone ring; pamela love - navajo cut-out ring; geode ring stylist's own

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